Label Stocks

Pressure-sensitive labels consist primarily of substrate, adhesive, and release liner. The substrate allows printing, the adhesive is applied to it, and upon use, it adheres to the surface after removing the bottom release liner. Four-Dimension Precision combines various face stocks and adhesive systems to offer diverse and high-quality types of labels, meeting specific customer requirements and providing exclusive printing materials for your printing business.

  1. Substrate
  2. We offer a variety of substrates suitable for different industries. Whether paper, film, or other specific requirements, these substrates have excellent ink compatibility and work with various printing methods. They provide clear, clean, and precise print quality. Superior stretch strength and flexibility meet high-speed labeling demands while complying with standards for disinfection, temperature resistance, and more. Comprehensive solutions cater to different thicknesses and materials, with customized options for specific needs, meeting both your and market application requirements.

  3. Adhesive
  4. Providing label adhesion, enabling the substrate to stick to the target surface. With numerous adhesive types available, Four-Dimension's R&D and production units tailor and formulate the best adhesive solutions based on face material, adherend material, and environmental conditions.

  5. Release Liner
  6. Available in paper and film types, the release liner protects the adhesive surface before use and facilitates easy removal during application.

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