Polyester Tape

As an adhesive tape manufacturer with R&D capability, Symbio,Inc. is able to produce and customize different characteristics of polyester tape (PET Tape) for different demands of customers. Our polyester tapes are composed of high performance PET (or Mylar) film with silicone or acrylic based adhesives.

Polyester film is an excellent material that can be used under different environmental conditions, also providing good temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and solvent resistance. Therefore, polyester tapes are applicable for a wide range of application especially in electrical & electronics. Besides, UL certified and halogen-free products are also available.

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PET (Mylar) Acrylic Adhesive Tape
Polyester (Mylar) tape coated with acrylic adhesive provides excellent electrical insulati ...
PET Silicone Adhesive Tape
PET Tape coated with silicone adhesive has excellent adhesion and great physical property.