Automotive Industry

Since 1768 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot invented steam powered automobile to gasoline powered internal combustion enginesAutomotive Industry Tapes-Symbio 1 until the current electrical and auto-pilot vehicles, automobile industry evolves along with our demands of better living standards while increasing benchmarks of its related industry suppliers. Safety, light weight, low pollution and environmental certifications have become the ultimate targets of each and every auto makers in current day and age. By introducing safer materials, falling back on metal applications, and setting higher environmental standards, automobile manufacturers provide safer and more comfortable transportation for our daily routines and entertainments while reducing environmental damages to our world. 

Symbio, Inc. has focused on developing suitable adhesive materials for the production of auto body, interior and exterior parts ever since our establishment. From end products to manufacturing processes, Symbio supplies fastening, masking, decorating, and labeling adhesive materials to our partners around the globe. Major applications include wire harnessing tapes, paint masking tapes, auto parts permanent/temporary fixing tapes, and various labels. With continuously adjustment and development of our products, we have the ability to acquire up-to-date product and environmental certification in all continents. With customer first philosophy, our research and development, sales, manufacturing, and quality assurance teams always provide the most reliable solution in the quickest fashion.