Environmental Commitment

We are committed to creating an environmentally friendly production process by reducing the amount of solvent and harmful substances used in our products, as well as by converting solvent based adhesive to emulsion based formula. With our solvent recovery system, we’re able to reduce our solvent for disposal and reuse solvents in our production process. For contaminated solvents that are not suitable for reuse, they are properly disposed in our regenerative thermal oxidizer. 

To fulfill our environmental commitment, we strive to reduce, recycle, reuse, and redesign to achieve environmental sustainability, as well as working with green suppliers and fulfilling each environmental commitment as a team.

We’re dedicated to providing more RoHS compliant, halogen and VOC free products to improve our product quality and ensuring the safety of our consumers. By adding new functionalities to our products, we are able to increase our cost-effectiveness and product value, which allows us to provide sustainability to our supply chain, creating continuous development opportunities to our suppliers.