Printed Circuit Board

The Taiwanese PCB industry began in Taoyuan in 1969. A printed circuit board is the most essential and fundamental component in any electronicPrinted Circuit Board Tapes-Symbio product. From aerospace, aviation, ground transportation, communication, household appliances, automation machineries to calculators, PCBs are closely conntected to the development of electronic products.

During its six decades of existence, Symbio has developed various adhesive materials for PCB packaging and production processes. From the basic protective masking tape for the drilling of the PCB, double sided tape for precise silkscreen alignment, to the highly specific application such as gold plating and etching process protection, high temperature tin plastering masking, and circuit printing exposure UV masking, Symbio provides a complete set of adhesive solution for each and every step along PCB production. Our vast customer base includes clients come from Taiwan, China, Japan, USA, Southeast Asia and more. Additionally, we have developed various high, mid, and low adhesion PET and PI adhesive tapes specifically for aluminum plate protection. Being a reliable and professional supplier, Symbio also provides customized dimension, color, adhesive strength upon request to meet all requirements.