Telecommunication/ Optoelectronic Industry

Through two significant industrial revolutions in the history of our civilization, science and technology innovation has progressed faster than ever.Telecommunication & Optoelectronic Industry Tapes-Symbio Our living standard and daily routines have been implemented closely with various electronics and industrial products. After mechanical and electrical advancements, human race has now shifted our attention to the utilization of “light.” From broadened communication bandwidth, improved infrared inspection accuracy to expanded media storage size, the demonstration of light and electricity developments provide unlimited possibilities. Optoelectronics industry has never been growing more rapidly. “Light” will continue to be the focus of our foreseeable future in the 21st century.

Symbio, Inc. has developed various specialized production adhesive materials for communication and optoelectronics industries. With temporary and permanent double sided films, process masking films, transferring tapes, product protection films, and electronic component packaging tapes, we manufacture and distribute our products to many major corporations around the world with reliable product quality and satisfactory services.