Packaging Tape

   One of the most commonly seen and used adhesive tapes. Our packaging tapes are available with transparent or ultra-transparent film.

   Ultra-transparent tapes are composed with solvent based adhesive, designing inner core remain visible, providing an additional advertisement or brand promotion opportunity.

  Transparent tapes can be composed with emulsion based or solvent based adhesives.

   Based on our customers' application needs, both solvent and emulsion based adhesive system are available for selection. Both adhesive systems are great for sealing packages or cartons and used for general purposes.  

   Solvent based adhesive provides excellent weather and temperature resistance, which allows the products to withstand both indoor and outdoor uses. 

   Emulsion based adhesive is well known for its environmentally friendly characteristics. 

   Available in different thicknesses to meet different purposes, as thicker materials provide extra durability and stronger adhesion for heavy duty applications. 

        Transparent packaging tape           OPP Packaging Tape   Ultra-transparent packaging tape