Polymer Chemistry Processes

Committed to the study of polymer materials, such as acrylic, rubber, PU, silicon…etc. Our research in polymer chemistry aids new PSA formulation, such as high temperature resistant, strong holding power, high adhesion, UV curing, and thermal stripping to meet different application needs from our consumers. Our professional understanding of the polymer synthesis technology provides us with formulation flexibility that is needed to quickly undertake new application challenges and product development and allows us to provide technology services to meet our customer's application demands.

Polymer Rheology

The study of polymer rheology allows us to understand the rheological behavior of polymer materials during the adhesive formulation, coating, slitting, and converting processes. As well as making accurate recommendations for our users regarding their operating environments, logistical and storage conditions, providing them the solutions they need.

Spectrographic Analysis

Our world-class spectrographic analysis lab allows our experienced professionals to perform accurate quantitative analysis of material properties and composition on-site, including analyses from chromatography and thermal analyzer. With enhanced analysis capabilities and tools, we are able to progress our study and understanding in the polymer chemistry field; capture rheological effects as we apply and advance our rheological knowledge and capabilities.