Printing Industry

Printing Industry

Printing has played a significant role in many different industries, such as consumer goods, medical, chemical, cosmetic, healthcare, electronics, etc. Printing materials as self-adhesive labels are used to provide the indication of the source or ownership, specification of products or service warranties, and product advertisement.

The origin of labels can be traced all the way back to early craft days, craftsmen used signatures or marks to represent the arts and crafts they made, which became the trademarks in these days. The trademark system provides a protective guarantee for consumers when they purchase products or employ services.The earliest trademark label in Chinese history was the "white rabbit" by the Liu family needle craft from Shandong, China. Use of trademarks provides the differentiation of manufacturers, distributors, production methods, material sources, services and product warranties. A trademark holder has the sole practical right as well as the right to obtain profits by allowing others to use his or her trademark. In general, there are three main functions for trademark labels:

1. Indicate the source or ownership

2. Guarantee of the quality or specification of products and services

3. Advertisement

The current global self-adhesive label stock developments focus on consumer goods such as food, beverage, medical, chemical, cosmetic, healthcare, electronics, and childcare industries. Due to their short consumption span and rapid developments, these industries' demands for self-adhesive label have been growing rapidly as well. Through faster global fashion movements and information exchange through social media and messages, people have emphasized their focuses on healthcare and beauty, and have driven the sales of consumer electronics, beverage, cosmetics, and healthcare related products; therefore, the requirements of related self-adhesive labels has grown along.

Accordingly, the high quality products require higher quality of label. Symbio has developed various high quality label materials for many applications and different printing methods, including paper-based and film-based materials.