Components / Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Industry

Components / PCB Industry

The Taiwanese PCB industry began in Taoyuan in 1969. Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are the most essential and fundamental components in any electronic product. They are closely connected to the development of electronic products in industries ranging from aerospace, aviation, ground transportation, communication, household appliances, automation machineries to calculators.

With over six decades of experience, Symbio has developed various adhesive materials for PCB packaging and production processes. We offer a comprehensive range of adhesive solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the Components / PCB Industry.

Our Adhesive Solutions:

    Protective masking tapes for PCB drilling

    Double-sided tapes for precise silkscreen alignment

    Adhesive solutions for gold plating and etching process protection

    High-temperature tin plastering masking tapes

    Circuit printing exposure UV masking tapes

    Complete set of adhesive solutions for each step of PCB production

    Customized adhesive tapes for aluminum plate protection

The Importance of Good Labeling in the Components / PCB Industry:

Clear and accurate labeling is crucial in the Components / PCB Industry to ensure smooth operations, traceability, and compliance with industry standards. Our adhesive labels offer the following features specifically designed to meet the requirements of this industry:

  • Legibility and durability to remain intact throughout the PCB's lifespan
  • Reliable adhesion to various surfaces, including PCBs and electronic components
  • Customizable options for variable data printing and barcode integration
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulations

Why Choose us for Adhesive Solutions?

  • Decades of experience serving the Components / PCB Industry
  • Reliable and professional supplier with a vast customer base
  • Customization options available for dimensions, colors, and adhesive strength
  • High-quality adhesive materials ensuring performance and durability