Double-Sided Tape

With different backing and adhesive materials, our lines of double-sided tapes provide excellent adhesion, conformability, removability and shear strength for both general and industrial purposes.

With tissue paper as backing, our double-sided tapes are lightweight and easy to tear. Transparent film based double-sided tapes are an excellent choice when bonding objects of the same materials or colors. By using laminated cloth as backing, our double-sided tapes provide not only excellent holding power but also the durability for an easy and cleaner removal.

* UL certified double-sided tapes are available to meet higher application requirements.

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Double-Sided Cloth Tape
Double-sided cloth tape provides excellent holding power, durability and conformability to ...
Double-Sided Foam Tape
Double sided foam tape provides excellent holding power for mounting light weight objects.
Double-Sided PET Tape
Double-sided PET tape has transparent backing, which is good for bonding objects with same ...
Double-Sided Tissue Paper Tape
Double-sided tissue paper tape is ideal for general uses at homes or offices, or for diffe ...