OPP Tape

Packaging tape is one of the most commonly seen and used adhesive tapes. It is made of biaxially oriented polypropylene(BOPP) film combined with emulsion or solvent based adhesives.

Products are available in transparent or ultra-transparent types. Besides, design or company logo can be printed on inner core surface for advertising purposes as patterns remain visible through the crystal clear film used on our ultra-transparent tapes.

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Color Tape
Symbio is a professional color packaging tape manufacturer from Taiwan.
Color packaging tap ...
Packaging Tape
For stationery tapes, we have many kinds of choice for choose.
One of the most commonly see ...
Printed Tape
BOPP Printed tapes are suitable for advertising corporate or brand identity, logistics, pl ...
Specialized Tape
Designed to meet the need of customization, such as corporate branding on packaging materi ...