In the process of packaging a product, various materials could be applied or considered. Commonly, packaging materials include tapes, plastic bags, protection films and such. A well designed and carried out packaging plan plays a major role in consumers' desire to purchase the product and further effect the products' turnover rate. Beside the basic protective function, great packaging creates added value for consumers. From a packaging supplier's perspective, having the ability to provide packaging solution and deliver packaging materials faster than others are the best ways to differentiate ourselves from the competitors.

Symbio, Inc. originated by providing packaging materials.

Through precise production technology and reliable distribution network, we have been working with packaging industry for around 70 years.

Based on clients' convenience and requirement, we supply various packaging adhesive tapes with different specification and attribute such as ultra-transparent, strong adhesion, long lasting, weather ability, easy tear, low noise and many more.

We continuously trying to fine tune and innovate, hoping to improve our production and maintain our leading position as a packaging industry supplier.