Medical Industry

Medical Industry

Medical advancement has played a significant role in modern society. In the age of rapid improvement in fundamental and applied sciences, medical industry is facing enormous challenges and opportunities due to the rapid transformation of our world. Medical developments are constantly effected by surrounding factors such as society acceptation, economics, policies, financial operations, and technologies. Biotechnology, drug manufacturing, and medical equipment are the three main streams of research direction in current market. The demand of these fields are firmly driven by fast aging society and increasing types of chronic diseases in emerging countries. The growth of medical industry is highly expected by many spectators.

Symbio, Inc. has stepped into the medical field many years ago.

With leading research and development ability in low allergic sensitivity adhesive and high quality manufacturing environment, we have passed biocompatibility tests and obtained national GMP certification.

By setting the highest inspection standards through every single step of our production process, we prioritize consumer's safety and comfort when developing various wound dressing applications.

Through effective adhesive materials, we hope to contribute our effort in taking care of wounded patience.