Low-Temperature Labels

Low-temperature labels are materials designed to maintain stability in extremely cold environments. Their significance lies in their ability to meet demands across various sectors, from frozen foods to medical supplies. We provide specialized solutions for low-temperature labels, catering to diverse requirements across industries. These labels are specifically crafted to excel in frigid conditions and can endure cold and damp settings. They boast exceptional adhesion, minimizing risks of edge curling and detachment.

Wide applicability across industries:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector
  • Chemical and Industrial Fields
  • Innovation and Technology in Low-Temperature Labels
  • Advanced Materials and Adhesives
  • Features

    Our cold low-temperature labels are capable of withstanding extreme operating temperatures as low as -40℃. This makes them an ideal choice for refrigerated and frozen food labels, ensuring label integrity even in sub-zero conditions. Additionally, these labels find utility beyond the food industry, widely used in the medical sector requiring labeling in cold environments, as well as in industrial settings such as refrigerated warehouses and freezers.

    Symbio's frozen adhesive labels offer exceptional performance and durability, meeting low-temperature applications across industries.

    Durability and Resistance to Extreme Conditions

    The durability of low-temperature labels stands as one of their primary advantages. They maintain stability even in extreme cold, resisting deformation or damage, ensuring enduringly reliable information.

    Versatility in Application

    The multifunctionality of low-temperature label materials makes them suitable for diverse surfaces and environments, excelling in both food packaging and industrial marking.