Blood Bag Label

In the medical domain, we take pride in introducing our Blood Bag Label, a product within our specialized label stock series. Tailored for healthcare professionals, this label is designed to deliver top-tier marking and identification capabilities, ensuring safety and reliability within medical pathways.
Our Blood Bag Label utilizes cutting-edge material technology, ensuring durability and stability across diverse environments and temperatures. Its unique design not only presents essential information clearly but also withstands exposure to plasma, liquids, and common cleaning agents. This assurance guarantees healthcare personnel a clear identification of bag contents, ensuring safety for patients and medical teams.
The Blood Bag Label exhibits outstanding adhesion properties, maintaining secure attachment whether in freezing environments or after high-temperature sterilization. This prevents label detachment or blurring, ensuring enduring and reliable marking. Moreover, its easy-to-peel feature ensures effortless label replacement when needed, enhancing efficiency and operational convenience.
  • Specifically designed for medical blood bags

  • Resistant to plasma, liquids, and cleaning agents

  • Suitable for various temperatures and environments

  • Firm adhesion, resistant to detachment or blurring

  • Easy-to-peel for convenient replacement

  • Our commitment is to provide the highest quality products to the medical industry, and our Blood Bag Label is a robust testament to this commitment. Procure this label now to ensure safer and more efficient medical operations.