Tire Label

Elevate your tire maintenance with our cutting-edge Tire Label. Crafted for superior adhesion on both polar and non-polar surfaces like PP and PE panels, this label ensures a firm grip, revolutionizing the way you label your tires. Embrace a solvent-free, eco-conscious solution in vibrant green, boasting exceptional adhesion and initial bonding strength. Dive into effortless printing without compromising quality.
1.Multi-Surface Adhesion: Bonds impeccably to both polar and non-polar surfaces, including PP and PE panels, ensuring universal application.
2.Solvent-Free Green Product: Embrace an eco-friendly solution with a solvent-free composition, promoting environmental consciousness.
3.Strong Adhesion & Initial Bonding: Experience exceptional adhesion coupled with robust initial bonding strength for durable, long-lasting labels.
4.Excellent Printability: Enjoy effortless printing capabilities without compromising on print quality, ensuring clear, precise labeling.
  • Surface Compatibility: Polar and non-polar surfaces (PP, PE, etc.)
  • Adhesive Type: Solvent-Free
  • Adhesion Strength: Strong
  • Printing Capability: Excellent

  • Enhance your tire labeling process effortlessly! Elevate your standards with our Tire Label today. Experience superior adhesion, eco-friendliness, and exceptional printing